Kingsway smart asset loans

Asset loans can help your business move to the next level, by increasing your assets and freeing up cash flow. Whether you’re an emerging small business or established business, the team at Kingsway Smart Loans will find a solution that’s right for your asset finance needs. Get the asset finance you need with the service you deserve from the Kingsway Smart Loans team. We work with small, medium and large businesses across all asset sectors with access to the best rate asset loans in Australia. We’ll unlock the finance you need to grow and finance your business.

We understand the challenges that businesses face in today’s everchanging world.

The Kingsway Smart Loans team of experienced brokers are ready to find a competitive package for your asset finance. Our expert finance advisors will help you understand your options, allowing you to make an informed choice that will help your business get ahead. Kingsway Smart Loans can arrange asset loans to suit your specific needs. We have access to special rates from a wide variety of lenders, giving you more options when it comes to securing finance for your assets. We offer accurate quotes before you begin the application process, and a fast turnaround on your approval. Varied loan terms are available from just a few short weeks through to over 20 years depending on the facility you require and your needs.

Whether your new asset loan is for an asset acquisition or business expansion the Kingsway Smart Loans team will assist. Found an opportunity too good to pass up? Our strong relationships with the major banks and several boutique funders means we are often successful when others aren’t.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an asset loan to purchase new equipment for my business?

Absolutely! New start-ups are often inspired by a great idea or a passion. Kingsway Smart Loans doesn’t like to see good ideas go to waste, so we’ve developed a solution to make sure your great ideas get to market. So just reach out to the Kingsway Smart Loans team and ask them how they can assist.

Should I have a Secured or Unsecured Loan?

The loan options for Asset finance include secured asset loans or unsecured asset loans. Simply put, a secured loan will require some sort of asset or guarantee to be put forward as security against the asset loan, whilst an unsecured loan will not. Because of the lack of security for an unsecured asset loan, the rate obtained may be higher. Security can take the form of property, equipment or plant etc. Often, unsecured loans are approved faster due the need not to seek valuations etc.

Why obtain an asset loan?

Asset loans are often the catalyst for greater growth and the accompanying success.

Ambitions and dreams often aren’t able to be realised without access to:

  1. Additional plant
  2. New equipment
  3. Larger capacity equipment
  4. Purchase more inventory

How long does it take for my asset loan to be approved?

The Kingsway Smart Loans team can often source an approval for your asset loan within 2 hours of receiving all your details. Let us know your timeframe and we will work with you to achieve your funding goals.

Have some more questions?

Our support team is here to help.