Frequently asked questions

Our loans

What type of loans do you offer?

We offer a range of loan types to suit any asset or situation, including:

• consumer loans for cars, boats, bikes, caravans and jet-skis etc

• secured and unsecured loans

• cash flow lending

• equipment finance

• business/commercial loans

• personal loans

Do you only finance cars?

Kingsway Smart Loans offers finance on boats, jet skis, light commercials, caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, motorcycles, trucks, yellow goods, machinery & equipment. If it has wheels or it can float, we can finance it for you.

Can I finance an older car?

Absolutely! With access to more than 50 Australian lenders, the team at Kingsway Smart Loans can help you find a low-rate finance solution on new, used, vintage and specialist cars.

Can pensioners get loans?

Absolutely! Several of our lenders will provide loans to people on age or disability pensions. The team at Kingsway Smart Loans will review your application details and source the best financial solution and lender to suit your individual needs.

Application process

What information will I need to make an application?

All you need to get started with an application is:

• Your Driver’s License

• Two Most Recent Payslips

Your Kingsway Smart Loans broker will then let you know what specific information is needed for your application.

How long does the process take?

After you place your initial enquiry with us, we will respond within one business hour to discuss your finance needs, circumstances and application details. We will then pass you on to one of our finance specialists, who will review your application and guide you through the loan process and documentation. Once you have sent back the required documentation, the finance specialist will work closely with our lenders to get your finance approved as quickly as possible. Enquire now, it’s fast and easy!

How much money can I borrow?

The amount that you can borrow depends on several factors including your income, expenses, current assets, employment status, credit profile and the loan type (secured or unsecured). During the application process, our Kingsway Smart Loans finance specialists will work with you to understand your circumstances and aim to get a finance pre-approval for you for the amount you need.

Can I add my insurance into my borrowed amount?

Absolutely, you can include the cost of asset insurances, loan protection insurances and asset warranties into your total loan amount. Your insurance premium will be included in your loan amount and repaid with your loan.

Can I compare a quote I already have with your quote?

Absolutely! The team at Kingsway Smart Loans have access to more than 50 lenders and more than 200 finance products and rates. This means we can save you time and money by comparing financial products for you, without multiple hits on your credit file. If you are looking for a competitive quote, give us a call and speak to one of the Kingsway Smart Loans team members today.

I have previously been declined. Can I apply again?

The team at Kingsway Smart Loans won’t ever put an unnecessary credit check or enquiry on your credit profile unless we are confident that an approval will be given. With access to more than 50 lenders, our finance specialists will assess your application to determine the lender that will best suit your circumstances. Speak to one of our finance specialists to learn more.

Fees and payments

When is the first repayment due?

Your first loan repayment is generally due within four weeks of your loan settlement. The first payment date and the subsequent repayment dates will be included in your final loan documentation.

What will my interest rate be?

Asset Finance is not a ‘one size fits all’ product. Your interest rates will vary depending on the asset you are looking to finance, how much you are wanting to borrow, the term of the loan, and your credit profile. The team at Kingsway Smart Loans will undertake a thorough review of your application before submitting it to the lender they believe will provide you the lowest interest rate. The lender will then determine the best interest rate they can offer you.


How do you protect my information?

The Kingsway Smart Loans team employs the highest level of security and encryption standards to protect your personal information.

What is proof of residence?

A ‘proof of residence’ is a legal document that states your current residential address in Australia. Some examples include a rental lease agreement, a utility bill or a council rates notice. A ‘proof of residence’ is required by lenders to verify where you live.