Kingsway smart motorbike loans

Looking to purchase a new or used motorbike?  Whether it’s your everyday commute or your weekend escape, our team at Kingsway Smart Loans are here to make your entire motorbike loan process simple and seamless!

If you’re looking to secure a low rate from our panel of competing lenders, our expert finance team will work hard for you to provide the best motorbike finance for your needs. Rather than looking at motorbike financing options from a single lender, the team at Kingsway Smart Loans have access to a range of competing lenders from both bank and non-bank sources. This not only helps secure you the best interest rate on your new or used motorbike loan but also puts the power of choice back in your hands.

Our state-of-the-art proprietary software allows our team to get the best deal quickly and efficiently for you and to protect your credit score by matching you with the best motorbike finance loan possible.

What’s the best motorbike loan for you?

Kingsway Smart Loans aren’t limited to just assisting business owners who rely on their motorbike for work, we can also help individuals who are searching for the best financing options for their motorbike loan. Whether it’s for your hobby, to enrich your family lifestyle or to simply escape life’s pressures for a while, the team at Kingsway Smart Loans can assist you in securing your motorcycle loan quickly and easily.

Whether you’re looking to purchase from a motorbike dealer or a private seller, Kingsway Smart Loans has the expertise and partners to ensure you get the motorbike finance solution you need.

Great low-rate motorbike loans, fixed interest rates, low repayments and flexible loan terms are our specialty!

There are several different ways to secure competitive motorbike financing. At Kingsway Smart Loans, we can explain the array of products, terms, and structures to provide you with clear and concise options.

We have access to, and experience with, all the different motorbike funding methods available including commercial loans and consumer loans.

Looking for a pre-approval

For customers who want to shop to a pre-determined budget, then a pre-approved motorbike loan gives you the confidence you need. People come to Kingsway Smart Loans for expert advice regarding motorbike financing options. This then allows you to start your search for the perfect motorbike from a position of financial strength and confidence.

Why not work with the Kingsway Smart Loans experts who have access to Australia’s most trusted bank and non-bank lenders for your motorbike loan. It is this variety of choice that allows you to find a loan tailored to your needs.

You aren’t limited to only using your existing bank for motorbike loans and motorbike finance, the market is much more competitive now. We compare banks & lenders and provide leverage to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my motorbike loan approved before the purchase?

Absolutely! A pre-approved motorbike loan can often give you more bargaining power with the seller. All we require is an indication of the amount of finance you would require for your motorbike loan and what type of motorbike you’re looking for. Due to our national network of dealer partners, we can often also assist you in the search for your new or used motorbike.

I’m looking at a used Motorbike. Can you help me with motorbike finance?

Absolutely! The Kingsway Smart Loans team can assist with finance for new and used motorbike assets, from a dealer or private seller.

How long does it take for motorbike finance to be approved?

We can often source an approval for your motorbike finance within 2 hours of receiving all your details. Let us know your timeframe and we will work with you to achieve your funding goals.

Can I get a motorbike loan for non-business use (consumer loan)?

Absolutely! The Kingsway Smart Loans team can assist with both consumer and commercial motorbike loans. Please fill out this contact form and we’ll call you to discuss your options.

I need a motorbike for my business. Can you help me with a motorcycle loan?

Absolutely! We offer a range of commercial motorbike loan options to suit your needs. Just ask us!

Have some more questions?

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